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Special Needs

The Centre has developed a reputation for making the equestrian sport of carriage driving accessible for anyone with a disability, additional need or disadvantage.

We have aids that can help people with a physical disability to take up the sport – eg. a rein bar to which two reins could be attached and then used by a person with the use of only one hand.  We also have carriages that can hold a wheelchair, either for a drive out or lesson, or to be driven at speed in competition.  As well as able bodied clients, the Centre now delivers activities to over 200 clients with additional needs, particularly young people with conditions like cerebral palsy and on the autism spectrum. We offer individual and group sessions and access to competitions. Our drivers learn new, unexpected skills, develop core strength and self-confidence and interact with a wide range of people. They can compete against their able-bodied peers, often beating them with the associated sense of achievement! We work in partnership with the charity Sports Driving Unlimited who can be approached to help with funding for our activities.