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Once you become more confident in your riding/driving skills you might like to enter a competition. At Chariots we run competitions in a number of formats. Through the summer we hold ‘Arena Challenge’ events – a short course of obstacles and cones to be negotiated. These are fun events and ideal for novices to build confidence. Riders can also have some fun with pony club style challenges! 

We are hoping to run three Arena Challenge competitions this summer on the following dates:

19-20 June

21-22 August

2-3 October

These will be fun competitions for riders and drivers. Riders will have their own pony club games style course which will also include an obstacle. Drivers will have a course of two obstacles and cones. We anticipate that riders will do their competition on Saturday and drivers will do theirs on Sunday. We can hopefully be flexible with this, but we don’t want to wear our ponies out, so we are splitting it over the two days. Entries will be limited and on a first come first served basis, again so we don’t tire the ponies too much. If you are interested in taking part (external riders/drivers very welcome) do email us at enquiries@chariotscic.org.uk. Fee will be £20 per entry. Entry form is here: Entry form Arena comps 2021.

We also work with a local driving club and hold an annual competition in July collaboration with them.